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Kualanamu International Airport: My Testimony

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Kualanamu International Airport (KNO) is Indonesia’s brand new airport located in Kabupaten Deli Serdang, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Built to catch up the aircraft movement growing demand that Polonia International Airport (MES) can’t afford any longer. It’s a quite stunning airport Indonesia ever has. This airport soft launching was held on July 25, 2013. The grand opening will be soon held on February 2014 by the President (tentative).

According to my record, it has many eminence compared to the predecessor (Polonia International Airport/MES) and other airports in the country, as well. Planned to be expanded due to capacity demand raise, built with modern technology in avionic and baggage handling system, has open-check-in-airport concept (1st in the country), has huge land bank to support the future development, has a dedicated train to conceive comfort and ease mobility lust, are several major strengths this airport could proud of.

The lack is about the aestethic standard of details such as design of signages, ornament spaces, flowery parks, and Air Traffic Controller (ATC) Tower. I think the design of the ministage (located in the center of boarding area) not harmonized to the overall design of the airport. Furthermore, the terminal of official buses not too comfy, prayer room is worse than found in suburb shopping center, marble floor and the glass walls got to get extra attention to maintain the cleanliness.

However, this airport has been spoken out as a national treasure that potential to boost Indonesia economic and aviation competitiveness. Hopefully next phase of development rolled out soon as the movement of pax has reached its current limit.

For you haven’t seen, here’s official video of the launching. Enjoy!